Cold Dishes">冷菜类 Cold Dishes">Cold Dishes Pork">猪    肉 Pork">Pork Beef">牛   肉 Beef">Beef
Lamb">羊   肉 Lamb">Lamb   Other Meat">其它肉类 Other Meat">Other Meat   Poultry and Eggs">禽蛋类 Poultry and Eggs">Poultry and Eggs
;Mushrooms">菌菇类 ;Mushrooms">Mushrooms Abalone">鲍鱼类 Abalone">Abalone Shark's Fins">鱼翅类 Shark's Fins">Shark's Fins
Seafood">海鲜类 Seafood">Seafood Vegetables">蔬菜类 Vegetables">Vegetables Tofu">豆腐类 Tofu">Tofu
Bird's Nest Soup">燕窝类 Bird's Nest Soup">Bird's Nest Soup Soups">羹汤煲类 Soups">Soups
Rice,Noodles and Local Snacks">主食小吃 Rice,Noodles and Local Snacks">Rice,Noodles and Local Snacks
Appetizers and Salads">头盘及沙拉         Appetizers and Salads">Appetizers and Salads      
Soups">汤 类 Soups">Soups   Beef">牛肉类 Beef">Beef   Poultry and Eggs">禽蛋类 Poultry and Eggs">Poultry and Eggs
Pork">猪肉类 Pork">Pork   Lamb">羊肉类 Lamb">Lamb      
Fish and Seafood">鱼和海鲜 Fish and Seafood">Fish and Seafood Noodles,Pasta and Side Dishes">面、粉及配菜类    Noodles,Pasta and Side Dishes"> Noodles,Pasta and Side Dishes
Bread and Pastries">面包类 Bread and Pastries">Bread and Pastries Cakes,Cookies and Other Desserts">甜品及其他西点     Cakes,Cookies and Other Desserts">Cakes,Cookies and Other Desserts
Yellow Wine">黄酒类 Yellow Wine">Yellow Wine Liquor">白酒类 Liquor">Liquor Beer">啤   酒 Beer">Beer
Wine">葡萄酒 Wine">Wine
Aperitif">开胃酒 Aperitif">Aperitif Brandy">白兰地 Brandy">Brandy Whisky">威士忌 Whisky">Whisky
Gin">金   酒 Gin">Gin Rum">朗姆酒 Rum">Rum Vodka">伏特加 Vodka">Vodka
Tequila">龙舌兰 Tequila">Tequila Liqueurs">利口酒 Liqueurs">Liqueurs Sake">清   酒 Sake">Sake
Beer">啤   酒 Beer">Beer Table Wine"> 餐   酒 Table Wine">Table Wine
Cocktails and Mixed Drinks">鸡尾酒 Cocktails and Mixed Drinks">Cocktails and Mixed Drinks      
Coffee">咖 啡 Coffee">Coffee Tea">茶 Tea Tea Drinks">茶饮料 Tea Drinks">Tea Drinks
Juice">果蔬汁 Juice">Juice Sodas">碳酸饮料 Sodas">Sodas
Mineral Water">矿泉水 Mineral Water">Mineral Water ;Mixed Drinks">混合饮料   Mixed Drinks"> Mixed Drinks Other Drinks">其他饮料   Other Drinks">Other Drinks
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